New Research Concepts

A New Approach
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Three Key Factors

The Environment
Theme: The Global Ecology

We hope to help formulate concrete, practical measures to stop global warming, pollution and other environmental problems. We will continue, for example, to seek new ideas for stabilizing carbon dioxide levels, to foster forest regeneration and photosynthesis, and to develop new waste treatment methods using microorganisms.

Theme: The Sun and the Earth

Given the Earth's limited supply of resources such as oil and coal, Genesis is actively committed to exploring a broad range of potential new sources of energy, including wind power, synthetic fuels, solar energy and fuels produced using microorganisms raised by solar energy.

Theme: Recycling and Caring for the Earth

Industrial waste disposal is another key problem about which Genesis is actively concerned. We hope to foster a system of industrial recycling whereby noxious waste products are broken down and rendered harmless through chemical reaction, and the resulting substances then recycled as fuels or industrial raw materials.

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